Accelerate your Deployments with DevOps Automation

EasyDeploy helps to optimize the cost, scalability and agility of your IT ecosystem with our DevOps Consulting services. We provide various DevOps automation services to the businesses to build, test, and deploy the applications in the most advanced and automated way. We take care of the process from the assessment of DevOps to management and automation services to deliver time-to-market applications.

We have a team of experienced DevOps consultants, targeted to provide fully automated deployment using configuration management and CI tools. We integrate your existing tools with our ecosystem of open source automation tools. By automating the development, deployment and testing process we can be able to offer high quality and well-tested applications with unique features and functionalities.

We at EasyDeploy help in leveraging the development cycle of startups around the world by the adoption of gitflow workflow such as CI/CD process.

  • Innovation through collaboration
  • Provides higher scalability
  • Build healthy DevOps culture with faster turnarounds
  • Improved productivity rate
  • Higher software quality in shorter time period
  • Minimizes costs with improved reliability
  • Minimized security risks through continuous monitoring and automation

Jenkins Setup

Jenkins is an open-source automation tool used for Continuous Integration purpose making it easier for developers to integrate their changes to the project. We will setup Jenkins and configure CI/CD pipeline thus making your work much easier.

Docker Setup

Docker is a containerization platform that packages the application and its dependencies together to make the application work linear on all the environments. We can write docker-compose.yaml based on your requirement enabling you to run containers easily.

Bitbucket pipeline setup

Bitbucket pipeline is a CI/CD service built on bitbucket and it enables you to build, test and deploy the code in automatic manner on the basis of file configuration in the existing repository.

Github pipeline setup

It is a series of automated workflows that helps the DevOps team to cut down some of the manual tasks. With the usage of Github pipeline, building CI/CD becomes a straightforward process.

AWS Codecommit pipeline setup

It is a fully managed source service control for hosting the secured Git based repository. CodeCommit can bring ease for the team in collaborating code in a secured and scalable ecosystem.

Gitlab pipeline setup

Gitlab provides CI/CD pipeline configuration, container registry and issue tracking while setting up the pipeline.

packages installation


Terraform script that will create multi-tier highly available VPC with one public tier, 3 private tiers(db tier, misc tier, app tier) on availability zones along with one EC2 instance with RDS autoscaled instance. We also provide one week of free support for the implementation on your AWS account.

We're registered Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Services

EasyDeploy provides DevOps consulting services such as end-to-end DevOps project consulting, DevOps tech consulting and DevOps launch consulting. Easydeploy’s DevOps Engineers helps in optimisation of the entire infrastructure and setting up continuous software delivery processes. Please feel free to contact us.


Consulting Partner

what our clients say

establishing & sustaining trusted partnerships

Siru and his team is one of the best I have worked with on AWS consulting. He is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of AWS, he worked quickly and provided detailed instructions and information on the server setup. He provided recommendations on best practices and vulnerabilities, he made improvements to the setup I had in place, he provided excellent support, he was proactive throughout the set up process and he went far above and beyond the tasks we discussed. He checked a site hack warning and took all the steps needed to resolve the issue on my site and in search results. I plan to use Siru for all my AWS work in the future.

Skye Van Raalte-Herzog, Ceo,

Sympatica Pvt Ltd. team has completely re-architectured our infrastructure in AWS with dev, test and prod environments to make our development lifecycle easier. Made our application stable, and secure than ever. They have also reduced our operational cost using reserved instance available in AWS. I found them professional, responsive and very cost effective

Dr. Sumeet Kumar, Cto, Sympatica Pvt Ltd.


Easydeploy team has been very professionally managing our servers for past one year. With outsourcing the infrastructure management to them I do not have anything to worry about infrastructure and can focus on my business. I will surely recommend them to others who are in need of server management.

Tissa Abeywickrama, Ceo, emars


Easydeploy team has resolved our infrastructure instability issues and managed our online shopping cart site built on mangento without any downtimes and are available 24/7 to back us. Thanks Siru and your team.

Pulkit, Proprietor, bharatsthali