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Unlock the full potential of the DevSecOps process across various cloud platforms to achieve agility, efficiency, and end-to-end security.

In today's global business landscape, digital transformation has become a fundamental necessity for enterprises worldwide. This transformation introduces DevOps methodologies and cutting-edge cloud technologies.

DevOps encapsulates the tools and practices that integrate application or software development (Dev) with IT operations (Ops). It plays a crucial role in enabling organizations to deploy applications and provide faster, more agile services.  

We provide DevSecOps consulting services, emphasizing security right from the start of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Our knowledge and track record guarantee the security of your IT infrastructure and applications.

DevSecOps Evaluation

Our team of specialists in cloud-native security can provide insights into DevSecOps best practices and compliance assessments across your cloud infrastructure and processes.

DevSecOps Consulting & Guidance

Understanding your infrastructure and business goals, we offer advice on designing and implementing a robust cloud-native security plan. Our DevSecOps experts collaborate with you to create a comprehensive plan to elevate your security maturity levels and optimize the tools in use.

Deploying Security Solutions

Our DevSecOps experts recommend suitable security technologies, aiding in their deployment and configuration with a practical plan to meet your DevOps objectives.

Ensures Compliance and Audit Preparedness

Our robust DevSecOps consulting services encompass critical components to ensure security and assist in compliance with global regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

DevSecOps Managed Services

Leverage InfraCloud's DevSecOps experts to operate, troubleshoot, and optimize day-to-day aspects of cloud-native security effectively. Our DevSecOps experts handle end-to-end implementation and operation of your cloud-native security tools and processes.

Knowledge Transfer for Your Team

We provide detailed documentation and build an in-house knowledge base to empower your teams to monitor system performance and manage the infrastructure proficiently. Our DevSecOps experts help build a comprehensive cloud-native security knowledge base for your teams.

Benefits of Choosing our DevSecOps Services

Unrivaled Security

DevSecOps services and solutions prioritize security by implementing controls, continuous monitoring, and automated security testing. This proactive approach allows for the early identification and remediation of vulnerabilities.

Velocity and Flexibility

DevSecOps consulting services enable the seamless delivery of high-quality code while minimizing the risk of vulnerabilities. This results in faster time-to-market, providing businesses with a competitive advantage and the ability to quickly respond to market demands.

Elevated Quality

In DevSecOps managed services, quality is not an isolated phase at the end of development but a continuous focus throughout the process. This commitment leads to the creation of higher-quality software that aligns with customer expectations, ultimately fostering increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Significant Cost Efficiency

Integrate automated security testing and continuous monitoring to realize substantial cost savings. Swift identification and response to potential threats reduce the impact and financial consequences of security breaches.

Adherence to Regulatory Standards

From the outset, align with regulatory standards to ease the burden of compliance and ensure a smoother path to regulatory approval. This proactive approach not only avoids penalties and reputational damage but also builds trust with customers and stakeholders.

Enhanced Collaboration

A cornerstone of the DevSecOps maturity model is promoting collaboration and dismantling organizational silos. Create an environment that fosters knowledge-sharing and collective problem-solving for improved teamwork and communication.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is DevSecOps better than DevOps?
DevOps concentrates on automating the software delivery process, whereas DevSecOps services place a strong emphasis on integrating security into every stage of the development lifecycle. Consequently, DevSecOps is generally considered a more secure approach. Nevertheless, each approach has its own set of strengths and weaknesses regarding security.
Is DevSecOps a good career choice for beginners?
Yes, pursuing a career in DevSecOps can be a rewarding and promising choice. DevSecOps service, which stands for Development, Security, and Operations, emphasizes integrating security practices into the DevOps pipeline. This approach aims to ensure that security is not an afterthought but an integral part of the software development life cycle.
Who prefers DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is preferred for the following job roles:

  • Developers
  • Security Professionals
  • Operations Teams
  • IT Managers and Leaders
  • QA/Testers
  • Compliance and Risk Management Teams
What are DevSecOps services?
DevSecOps services contribute to establishing a secure framework for DevOps endeavors. DevSecOps, encompassing development, security, and operations, entails the comprehensive integration of security measures throughout the entire application and infrastructure lifecycle. This approach emphasizes the proactive consideration of security aspects from the project's inception to its completion.
What are DevSecOps best practices?
  • Make security a part of your software creation process from the very beginning. Check for security issues early on to catch and fix them sooner.
  • Keep track of changes and what's happening in your systems to quickly find and fix security problems.
  • Use automation to make security checks happen automatically as your software is being developed. This helps catch issues early and reduces the chance of mistakes.

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