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AWS cloud architect job description

AWS Cloud Architect Job Description

AWS Cloud Architect is an expert, or simply a professional with proper training responsible for the evaluation of the needs of an organization and in accordance makes architectural recommendations regarding…
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top AWS Services

Most Popular AWS Services in 2020

Amazon found its roots in 1994, and since then, it has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. In a period lasting more than two decades, Amazon has come up with retail…
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Ways to Reduce Your AWS Bill

Top 8 Ways to Reduce Your AWS Bill

The emergence of cloud technology has been a major revolution in the IT field. The frontrunner of the cloud revolution is Amazon with AWS offerings. AWS bill is not much…
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AWS Security Best Practices

Top 10 AWS Security Best Practices

The rise of demand for cloud-native visibility of behavior and activity in different AWS environments is evident in present times. However, enterprises are still struggling to perceive AWS security best…
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AWS Migration Steps

5 Super Easy Steps for AWS Migration

The migration of existing business applications and systems to the AWS cloud is a vital tool for transforming businesses. The advantages of AWS migration are visible in the lower costs,…
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Steps to get started with AWS Cloud

12 Steps to Get Started with AWS Cloud

Many enterprises look in a hurry to adopting cloud transformation. In this context, they are advised to take references from other companies that are already having it. It’s quite understandable…
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