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AWS SysOps Administrator Responsibilities
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Roles and Responsibilities of an AWS SysOps Administrator

Cloud computing has been one of the revolutionary technologies in the 21st century. It has transformed many sectors, hence has become an integral part of running business and Information Technology needs. An AWS SysOps Administrator is responsible for providing the necessary knowledge related to the working of cloud computing, IT and business applications to improve service delivery. AWS SysOps Administrators especially the certified professionals are in high demand as they provide quality services.

Who is an AWS SysOps Administrator?

An AWS SysOps Engineer is an IT professional who is responsible for maintaining the AWS application once it is designed and developed. They play a crucial role in monitoring most of the activities that follow the process of development.

An AWS SysOps administrator responsibilities include managing user access and security. Also, the System Operator is mandated to manage routine operations. Hence, AWS SysOps Administrator has various responsibilities that we will come across in the next sections.

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How to Become an AWS SysOps Engineer?

To become a SysOPs Engineer, you must have the required skills and knowledge. Once you gain significant knowledge and have gained some real-time experience, it is recommended to validate your skills by achieving AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate.

It is an associate-level exam which comprises the depth knowledge on the AWS cloud services, Elastic Block Storage and the Access Management. By achieving this certification, you will know to be in the role of AWS SysOps administrator to handle the roles and responsibilities.

The Experience and Knowledge required of AWS SysOps Engineer:

AWS SysOps Administrators are required to have a better understanding of the know-how of cloud computing and AWS. Followings are the prerequisites to become an AWS SysOps Administrator:

  • Over two years of experience in monitoring AWS environments.
  • Experience in operating system administration.
  • Knowledge of monitoring and auditing systems.
  • Good understanding of maintaining and deploying fault-tolerant systems on AWS. 

List of AWS SysOps Administrator Responsibilities 

Advancement in technology has brought out changes, hence the need to use automation skills. There is a huge demand for AWS SysOps Administrators. For those who want to establish a successful career as AWS SysOps Administrator, it is important to understand the AWS SysOps administrator responsibilities. So, here we enlist the responsibilities of an AWS SysOps Administrator:

  • Configuration of the AWS cloud management; Configure and fine-tune the cloud infrastructure systems; monitoring and managing cloud services carefully
  • Improvement of resources and work on the resources which will designate costs required for planning of governance, budgeting, and reporting
  • Understanding of the metrics and monitors the utilization of AWS resources on a full scale by making use of highly complex Amazon CloudWatch
  • Reducing the time required for production by using automation infrastructure which involves Cloud Formation technique
  • Creating a compelling presentation which supports C2S overview; creating and managing VPC, URL proxies, the C2S access points, and the Bastion Hosts
  • Keeping the backup of the resources. The administrator has to do AWS on-premise resources backup often by use of AWS services
  • Communicating with the NISP network team which helps in completing the network connections for the clients VPCs
  • Upgrading software, patching the kernel and errata patching; managing the disaster recovery and creating the data backups
  • Maintaining Data Integrity and access control by making use of the AWS application platform; effectively monitoring charging and cost optimization strategies

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Apart from the above-mentioned job responsibilities, some other responsibilities of AWS SysOps Admin are:

  • Implementing and controlling the flow of data, to and from the service provider.
  • Translating the architectural requirements of the system.
  • Selecting the appropriate services which are based on the data or the security requirements.
  • Managing and then operating highly available and fault-tolerant cloud systems.
  • Estimating the usage costs and also in identifying the operational cost control mechanisms of the system to improve efficiency.
  • Managing the network especially the DNS and the firewalls.
  • Providing support to other teams if any optimization or the troubleshooting on the performance of the application to avoid errors.

AWS SysOps Admin Day-to-Day Activities

AWS SysOps Administrator is involved is responsible to perform a number of activities on a daily basis. He/She has to be involved in the day to day activities in cloud management. They take charge once an application is designed and developed. The AWS SysOps engineers are responsible for managing and monitoring the activities that follow the development process. AWS admin day to day activities includes the following:

  • Ensuring the level of fault tolerance on the basis of business needs
  • Monitoring and managing billing and cost optimization processes
  • Monitoring performance and availability of the applications on the AWS platform
  • Optimization of the environment for ensuring maximum performance
  • Identification of potential issues on the given application deployment
  • Provisioning cloud resources and managing implementation automation
  • Creating backups for different AWS services and applications
  • Identifying the performance of bottlenecks and implementing the remedies
  • Managing disaster recovery processes and procedures for backups
  • Implementation and management of security policies
  • Ensuring access controls and data integrity while using the AWS platform

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Average AWS SysOps Admin Salary

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the top cloud service providers with dominance in the cloud market. Hence it offers a wide range of job opportunities for cloud computing professionals. Hence, there is a need to get AWS certifications as jobs are readily available for the certified candidates. On becoming AWS Certified SysOps Admin, you will get a global recognition to your skills and thus will get more opportunities and 30% higher salary.

As per the Global Knowledge IT certifications salary survey, an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate can get an average salary of $125,149 per annum. This salary range may even vary as per the skills and experience of the candidate.

Final Words

On a concluding note, the AWS SysOps Administrator responsibilities are of much importance in cloud computing as they play a vital role. Therefore, skilled personnel is required for the AWS SysOps admin role. In brief, the candidates on AWS SysOps admin role are those who work throughout the lifecycle of a project – from the management of AWS infrastructure to the optimization of the AWS bills.  

So, it’s clear that the AWS SysOps engineer roles and responsibilities are very crucial in any project. If you want to have a bright career as AWS SysOps admin, just polish your skills and get hands-on with the AWS platform!

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