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8 Best AWS Consultant Jobs in 2020

With businesses relying on cloud technology, the demand for AWS consultants has increased in the recent era. With good perks and handsome salary AWS consultant jobs have become the first choice of the AWS professionals. As remote jobs have become a trend these days, there are a plethora of AWS consultant remote jobs that you can do by having technical expertise and AWS certification.

AWS consultant jobs are in demand and high paying jobs that can give a push to your career. In this article, we’ll discuss about  some of these hot-shot and best AWS consultant jobs.

8 Best AWS Consultant Jobs You Can Get in 2020

AWS certification validates your knowledge and skill in the preeminent cloud platform. It makes you more marketable, which means you can get the highest paying jobs once you become AWS certified and gain some significant experience. There is a pool of AWS consultant jobs available for you after AWS certifications. So, let’s have a look at the top AWS consultant jobs that you can get.

1. Cloud Strategy Consultant

If you want to do something big in your AWS career, then plan the roadmap towards the role of a cloud strategy consultant. A cloud strategy consultant creates an actionable cloud strategy to strike the right balance in the organization between efficiency, agility, security, and innovation. He helps the companies in understanding the transformational capabilities of Cloud for competitive advantage and business enablement. 

To work anywhere as a cloud strategy consultant, you need to have the hold over the cloud technologies to offer next generation cloud solutions. Excellent communication, articulation, and strong interpersonal skill along with experience in relevant consulting can help you in getting this job.

2. DevOps Consultant

With the revolutionary growth of DevOps, many AWS online jobs, with remote positions, have emerged over the year. AWS DevOps consultant is an expert in development and operations who has the competency to resolve any specific issue within the IT segment. He educates the employees to use DevOps tools in the right way and resolves the conflicts between development and  operation team by integrating the best practices of DevOps such as automation.

He improves the delivery process of the software, which results in improved release quality, minimized operation failure, and reduced cost. The knowledge of Linux fundamentals and scripting language can increase your chances to grab this job. You can validate your skills with one of the top DevOps certifications to get this job.

3. Cloud Consultant Federal

If you’re passionate and experienced pioneer in technology with solution building capabilities, then roll up your sleeves as this role can best suit your interests and skills. A Cloud consultant federal helps the National federal government in developing innovative cloud computing solutions. The leadership and consultive skills are important for this position to take your project towards success.

Cloud Consultant Federal uses cloud based computer programs to address the diverse needs of the clients. If you’re well versed in modifying and creating program code along with existing cloud products and have a strong customer service skill, then this job is the best match for you.

4. Cloud Managed Services – Consultant

This is yet among best AWS consultant jobs that requires you to work collaboratively with the cross-functional and integrated teams. With the increased demand for trusted IT support, businesses are ready to pay huge packages to the cloud-managed services-consultant. 

A cloud managed services – consultant manages the cloud environment of the client including client security, infrastructure operation, and compliance and risk. He has a big role in making the CMS business grow exponentially. So if you have a hold over the cloud operation management and Amazon Web Services,  then this job will be the best for you.

Searching for an AWS conslutant job? Here you can check open AWS remote consultant jobs.

5. Cloud Infrastructure Consultant

Cloud Infrastructure Consultant specializes in designing and developing cloud-ready application architecture, automated container platform and deployment pipelines. One of the major requirement for this role is the ability to learn new technologies such as container orchestration, cloud storage, and container registries. If you’re looking for the most highly payable AWS consultant jobs, then this position should be ideal for you. 

The person who is hired for this role needs to know how to implement automated and containerized cloud platform solutions focusing on infrastructure concerns such as security, virtualization, monitoring, and system resilience. Scripting experience, along with Linux system administration knowledge, can be an added advantage for you to grab this job.

6. Cloud Encore Consultant

Many remote AWS consultant jobs can give a push to your career. Cloud Encore Consultant is one such role where you collaborate with the organization and clients business to deliver technology-enabled business solutions. A cloud encore consultant solves business problems, generates value, and improves performance across a wide range of industries. 

Implementation of technical solutions for the most complex programs of the clients ranging from cloud infrastructure solution providers to Fortune 500 companies is the collective role of a cloud encore consultant. He designs dashboards for business users to turn the complex processes into simple ones, or even develops a technology-based strategy to support business objectives. 

Knowledge of .NET, J2EE, and cloud technology development tools and languages is a must if you want to get your hands on this role.

7. Cloud Operations Engineer

Whether it’s the compliance of reporting or the audit of important software tools, cloud operations engineer monitors most of the activities that are vital for the process of development. He specializes in implementing and creating PaaS and SaaS-based cloud solutions. The cloud operations engineer handles all the technical responsibilities that come under cloud computing. They work with diverse departments like risk management and application development to provide assistance support during the initial development phase. 

So if you want to work utilizing the latest technologies and cloud services in a fast-paced environment, then this role will best suit your interests. Excellent technical skills, along with the competence to translate the business need of the customers are required to stay at the forefront of this role.

8. Cloud Migration Consultant

There are many AWS consultant remote jobs that open new opportunities for you. Cloud Migration Consultant is one such remote position in which you can get huge opportunity to grow. Migrating the on-premise data to cloud without any interruption is the forestay of cloud migration consultant. 

They help your company in developing a cognitive solution for Gen-next cloud infrastructure. From cloud consulting to ongoing managed services and implementation, cloud migration consultant offers a full scope of cloud solutions. This is the highly payable job opportunity where you get high perks. So, gain the knowledge of other cloud platforms and become a cloud migration expert to get your hands on this job. 

Final Words

So, here we have reached the end and these are some of the top AWS consultant jobs that you can easily get if you have an AWS certification and technical expertise. There is nothing in demand as the requirement of the professionals for the above AWS consultant jobs.

All you need is technical expetise and significant experience at the specific role. An AWS certification acts as a validation of your skills and increases your chances of getting a job. If you are skilled enough, take an advantage of the available opportunity and grab one of these best AWS consultant remote jobs!

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