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How to Choose the Best AWS Consulting Partner?

Want to unlock innovation and agility in your business by working with an AWS consulting partner? The need for an AWS partner becomes necessary to manage your cloud infrastructure. A specialized AWS consulting partner provides your company everything it will need to take full advantage of the Amazon Web services with his experience and expertise. 

With more than 1,000 skilled AWS partners available, it becomes difficult how to choose the best AWS consulting partner for your business? You need to develop compatibility with your business and objectives first and then look for the right AWS technology partner for your company.

In this article, we’ll help you to choose the best AWS consulting partner for your business but let’s first understand the need of the right AWS consulting partner.

Why do You Need the Right AWS Consulting Partner?

An AWS consulting partner handles your IT infrastructure in the traditional outsourcing model and brings innovation in your organization by managing full cloud infrastructure on AWS. If you’re migrating your infrastructure to AWS, you’ll need the best AWS consulting partner who’ll not only make your cloud journey smooth but will also use his expertise to bring continuous innovation in your business. They have complete knowledge of the AWS ecosystem and can take the lead to fulfill your internal business as well as your customer needs.

What Type of AWS Partner will be Right for You?

With the exponential growth of AWS, it has become necessary to find the best AWS consulting partner for your business. AWS consulting partner acts as an MSP, fulfilling the stringent requirements that have been laid by Amazon Web Services to fulfil their goals and provide expert consultation for the same. They not only know about every new trend but also have in-depth knowledge about the latest cloud features. 

They help you leverage the technology to achieve your business goals. Today around 83% of businesses have moved to the cloud platform from the traditional hosting service.  And as this count keeps on increasing, as the right AWS consulting partner makes this transition a seamless experience.

The partner directory of AWS is full of partners and integrators, and this number has increased rapidly over the last five years. Therefore if you want to choose the best AWS consulting partner for your business then remember that there are two types of these technology partners and consulting partners. With the continuous innovation in the cloud infrastructure to fit new business needs, you need to choose the AWS consulting partner according to your specific business requirements.

Technology Partners

This group consists of more than seven hundred companies which offer management products on top of the Amazon APIs. Few of these technology partners also give an option to bolt management on top of cloud security and AWS cloud. They are internet service and commercial software provider of cloud solutions, especially the software that uses AWS to function. 

They have been further categorized into standard, advanced and registered partnership level. This list can be a bit confusing as the vendors have been specializing in offering services that work on top of AWS. The AWS partner page can help you in choosing the vendors according to specific guidelines such as geographical location. Enterprises should always filter those consulting partners that are located near them. To choose the best AWS consultant, you need to understand what your needs are and match those requirements with the partner that you’re looking for.

Consulting Partners

These are professional service firms that have hands-on experience and provide help with your customized project in the traditional outsourcing model. They help customers of all sizes to build their business in a better way. They have been further divided into Advanced standard, premier and registered as per their experience and knowledge. Enterprises work with these consultants to define their project and build innovative solutions. This group consists of traditional integrators who have complete knowledge about the AWS platform.

The AWS list has included small boutique companies like 8K Miles and 2nd Watch also in their list. Most of these companies have shifted their workload to AWS as it is a good solution to enhance their business without investing in hardware. While enterprises might choose to work with seasoned integrators small startup will find the smaller boutique shops best to take advantage of the cloud. 

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Essential Guidelines for Choosing the Best AWS Consulting Partner

Once you decide which type of AWS partner will best fulfill your requirement, you need to segregate the best one among them according to communication skills, cloud focus, and experience.


The most important thing that you need to decide while choosing your AWS partner is the knowledge of the cloud that they have. Though you might come upon a number of options choosing the ones who are still relying on the traditional hardware to operate their products won’t give any benefit to you. So don’t just look upon the years of experience that they have but count the experience they have with the cloud. 

You can even ask your potential partner to show their experience of the customer in the AWS cloud. You can even ask questions about scalability and automation to know whether your partner has experience delivering its own offering in the cloud. 


AWS partner should have command over the AWS language. They need to have a familiarity with the next-gen practices such as continuous integration, DevOps and automation. These factors play a vital role in deciding your partner’s maturity level. If your partner has a hold over the AWS system, then only you’ll find them reaching the cloud maturity level. 


The AWS partner that you’re aiming to choose should have experience in operating the cloud platform. You can look at his past records to get an idea of whether your partner can meet the needs of your enterprise or not. AWS Partners can help your company achieve your business goals at any stage of the cloud adoption journey. So choose them wisely.

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Questions to Ask Yourself?

If you want to choose the right AWS consulting partner for your business, followings are the questions you should ask yourself. Have a look at these questions and find the answers.

  • What are your priorities?
  • What does your business demand and what’s the nature of your business?
  • Agility
  • Are you ready to shift to new technology?
  • Cost saving
  • Are you looking for outsourcing or in house resources?
  • Your internal AWS resources
  • Are you involved with the continuous operation?

How to Start Comfortably with Your AWS Partner?

Once you choose your AWS partner, start with a proof of concept. Your partner won’t mind running a POC if it’s mature on some narrow terms. You can finalize the initial engagement for three months and then it can be extended for a long term relationship. This is even applicable for projects that require automation and scalability.

So, now you know how to choose the best AWS consulting partner according to the specific needs of your business. Don’t be stuck in the search for the best AWS partner. Easydeploy is one of the best AWS consulting partners to simplify your cloud-based operations and tasks at work.

So, don’t think much, if you need an AWS consulting partner for your business, get ready to start your cloud journey with us!

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