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How to Build a Successful AWS Consulting Practice?

As the businesses are moving to AWS Cloud, the need for AWS consulting partner is emerging rapidly to deliver value added solutions and services to the customers on the AWS platform. AWS consulting focuses on building a strategy for how the companies will work with AWS to meet their specific business goals. If you’re planning to build a successful AWS consulting practice, this article will help you a lot. So, let’s dive deep.

Building a Successful AWS Consulting Practice

If you want to establish yourself as one of the best AWS consultants, it is required to build a successful AWS consulting practice. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best practices that can build your firm’s offerings, in order to benefit your customers and drive revenue on the AWS platform.

While building a successful AWS consulting practice, we must go through some steps.

These steps are:

  • Experimentation
  • Limited Use
  • Widespread Use
  • Corporate Standards

1. Experimentation

It is the most important step in identifying the best suited consulting practice. The critical analysis and deep research play an important role in the success of any service or product. Same is true for the consulting practices also. Experimentation is the main factor that can help you in developing a successful AWS consulting practice. If developed consulting practice works well in the test environment, then it will be successful in the real world too. 

2. Limited Use

We many times we see that the particular consulting practice that you want to deliver to your customer has developed well, but the applications which help to explore the consulting practice is not available. The lack of production and marketing apps many times lead to the failure of even a good consulting practice. So, in order to build a successful consulting practice, we must build production apps and migrate production apps marketing too.

3. Widespread Use

After building the production apps, we need to build the mission-critical apps which tackle the particular problems that can arise while delivering your services and give the solution regarding that problem. These applications play a major role in successful consulting practices.

4. Corporate Standard

And if we use all of them as a unit in the corporate standards, then the particular consulting practice would be adopted by many consumers. Through these steps, any consulting practice can turn into a successful practice. 

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Different Ways to Develop a Successful AWS Consulting Practice

There are three ways, we can develop a successful AWS consulting practice and provide services to the clients. Let’s understand these different ways of developing a successful AWS consulting practice:

  • Be a Specialist
  • Be a Transformer
  • Be a Specialist as well as Transformer

1. Be a Specialist

To develop the best AWS consulting practice, you can become a specialist in your area of expertise. This means you can develop a new solution to the problem by combining the software and domain expertise along with a strong on-demand infrastructure. And in consulting, practice number of users or clients are affected the most.

So, to continue progressing, try to generate new clients or users in your area of expertise. The new cloud roles are critical such as AWS architect, AWS software DevOps lead, the cloud sales leader in building AWS capabilities. By embedding AWS into the practices that are existing in your firm, you can build a successful consulting practice. 

What do the specialist do?

  • They combine domain expertise with the software on-demand infrastructure in order to create a turnkey solution.
  • They leverage cloud adoption and interest to generate many new clients in the area of their expertise.
  • Try to find opportunities to expand into the full solution stack beyond pure SOWs
  • They develop a methodology based on cloud computing that leverages in the market time to time best results.

2. Be a Transformer

Transformation is another factor that is important in the development of a successful AWS consulting practice. Nowadays, cloud computing has become a major platform to save the data online and for a long period of time also. It’s faster than any other computing method. Many big companies and organizations are using cloud computing platform to store the data securely.

So, to build a successful AWS consulting practice, you need to transform and use the current technology such as cloud computing to give a boost to your business. By cloud, you can share your development globally within minutes. So you can develop cloud transformation practice overall to build a successful AWS consulting practice.

Many companies have adopted the cloud framework to revolutionize their business. Cloud adoption framework is useful in many perspectives such as People perspective, Business perspective, Platform perspective, Maturity perspective, Process perspective, Security perspective and Operating perspective. If AWS Consulting practice follows the cloud adoption framework, then it will also follow all of the other perspectives, which will make it more useful. 

What do the transformers do? 

  • They use development and test interaction technique to share the development globally within minutes.
  • Have the upper hand over APIs integrated technology and know how to operate dozens of back-office apps and mobile apps.
  • They fully adopt the cloud technology where IT and business can easily work together through a common vision that is supported by IT automation, process optimization etc.
  • They acquire the skills that are needed to adopt cloud platform easily.

3. Be a Specialist as well as Transformer

You can include both these practices to deliver the best AWS cloud computing services. With a strong cloud framework and specialization in the area of your expertise where you can combine domain expertise with the software on-demand infrastructure, you can provide the most innovative Amazon AWS consulting services. This will not only help you in achieving your desired outcomes but will help you innovate the AWS consulting for the best results.

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Final Words

So, now you have understood how to build the best AWS consulting practice to offer the best Amazon AWS consulting services. This will not only increase your dominance in the market but will also enrich you with data backed strategies to accelerate your sales and revenue. We at EasyDeploy follow the same AWS consulting practice to become a specialist as well as a transformer.  So, follow these steps and change the way people are looking at your services completely.

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