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How Much does an AWS Consulting Freelancer Earn on Hourly Basis?

AWS or Amazon Web Services is one IT skill that has gained much of name and fame in a short period of time. And why it shouldn’t be? At present, Amazon Web Services (AWS) dominates the cloud computing market with a 47.1 percent market share. That simply means approximately half of the cloud market has been covered by the AWS only. 

AWS consultant jobs are one of the most demanding positions for AWS professionals with significant knowledge and experience. Not only for full-time employees, demand for an AWS consulting freelancer is also increasing day by day. In this article, we’ll tell you who is an AWS consultant, what are the freelancer AWS consultant skills, and what is the average freelancer AWS consultant salary. 

Who is an AWS Consultant?

Considering the diverse and deep penetration of AWS services in the IT world, there is a deep dearth of AWS Consultant. AWS Consultants are the professionals who make sure that AWS implementation is right. They design, develop, and test the various IT infrastructure based on AWS, and do cloud migration on-demand.

AWS consultants are the experts who can build a successful AWS consulting practice for your business. You may require AWS Consultant in various sectors of cloud computing such as DevOps, architecting, administrating, developing, network designing, maintenance and big data. 

Key Skills to Look Out in an AWS Consulting Freelancer

Hiring AWS consulting freelancer is not an easy job. In fact, you need to be little extra attentive compared to hiring a full-time employee as they are not going to work in-person with you. 

In most of the cases, AWS consulting freelancer works from a remote location. Here are some of the key skills that you need to look out in a freelancer AWS consultant –

  • They should have a Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field 
  • A valid AWS certification is a must. 
  • Domain-based certification is desirable. 
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience makes them dependable 
  • Thorough knowledge of Jenkin, Docker, Containers, OpenShift, Java, Python, Ruby, and  C# technologies 
  • CI/CD.
  • They should have hands-on prior experience on AWS infrastructure.
  • They should know how to write scripts for EC2 instances, Autoscaling policies, and load balancer. 
  • Ability to design the AWS networks with a detailed knowledge of DNS, TCP/IP, HTTP, CDN, and VPN. 
  • Dexterity in data storage fundamentals such as S3, and Hadoop cluster.

Why Hire a Freelancer AWS Consultant? 

Though the full-time employees are the key resources of any company, there are certain places where hiring a freelancer are a more cost-effective and convenient way to get your things done. The trend of hiring freelancer is more in the small-scale industries or with the sole business leaders. AWS consultant is one role that is popular in the freelancing world as well. 

Here are some of the key reasons to hire an AWS consulting freelancer – 

  It’s pocket-friendly

Hiring is a full-time employee is always a costly affair.  Apart from paying them on a monthly basis regardless of the amount of work done by them, the employer needs to bear some overhead cost as well. Providing essential infrastructure, giving them insurance and PF benefits, and paid leaves are some of the key overhead cost burdens that any company has to bear in case of full-time manpower hiring. 

However, this is what you need not worry about in case of freelancer. You will be paying them for the work done. As they would be working from a remote location, you need not worry about assimilating the basic amenities. All these factors help you save big.

    You get an expert with specialized skill sets 

We all know that professionals have their own certain skill sets.  No can be the master of all trade. It is surely possible that your full-time employee is a master of one trade and has no knowledge about another skill. In that case, hiring a freelancer AWS consultant is a great move to make as you can hire the one which has the exact skill which is your need.  There are many freelancer websites where you will find thousands of AWS Consultants with sound experience and diverse skills.

    They work on-demand basis

If you are not into core IT operations then chances are high that you may not get AWS based projects on a daily basis. In that case, a full-time employee would be more than a burden for you. Instead, you can take an experienced AWS Consultant on-board as the project demands, pay them for the job they do and can have ultimate peace of mind. 

    You can hire the global expert 

When you are hiring full-time employees, you can’t go beyond the geographical boundaries. With freelancer hiring, you can hire on a global level. 

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Hourly Rate of Freelancer AWS Consultant 

The hourly rates of AWS consulting freelancer depend upon certain factors.  The skill set, years of experience, qualification, and certification, and the project delivery date are a few of those key cost-deciding factors. 

  • Entry Level Freelancer AWS Consultant

For an entry-level AWS freelancer consultant, the rates can vary anywhere between $20-$50. Again, the rates vary from countries to countries. For example, an entry-level freelancer AWS Consultant in India will make around $ 20 per hours while the same professional will make a minimum of $ 30 in the USA. 

  • Experienced AWS Consultant

However, in case of experienced AWS consultant, the hourly rates can go as high as $ 90-$200 per hour as well. Again, in case of professional hiring, the hourly cost depends upon how you are hiring the consultant. 

  • AWS Consultant On-Demand

In general, you can hire an AWS consulting freelancer on-demand, for a maximum of 5 hours, for a scoped project, and on a monthly commitment basis. So, the hourly rate depends upon all these factors as well. Hiring an on-demand basis is the most expensive and its cost can go as high as $250 per hour.

  • AWS Consultant with Multi-expertise

If you are hiring a professional who is a master of more than one key skill such as AWS Cloud Computing or Solution Architect then the rates will be higher. On the same note, if you are hiring the individuals through online platform then hourly rates will be low as compared to the hiring through a consulting company. 

After an analysis of these factors, as per ziprecruiter report, we can conclude that the average hourly rate of AWS consultant in the USA is $61. However, it is not a standard one. Some professionals can ask for double of what is mentioned here. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring Freelancer AWS Consultant

There is no second opinion about the fact that hiring professional freelancer AWS Consultant is easy-on-pocket, hassle-free and easy. However, it has its own drawbacks such as you can’t cross-check the said qualifications, can’t rely upon them on 100% as well. There are many instances where clients had sour experience with freelancer hiring as they failed to get timely delivery of the project. There are some key points to take in mind while you are hiring a freelancer AWS consultant.

    Hire from a trusted source

One of the most reliable ways to hire freelancers is to hire them on an online platform.  Websites such as Freelancer, Upwork, and Peopleperhour are some of the dependable platforms where you can hire on a global level.

The popularity of these platforms is so high that you can find hundreds of professionals to choose from over a single platform. Over these platforms, you have reviews from their previous clients, a short portfolio displaying their key skills and past experience. So, you get to gain an insight into AWS consultant’s expertise in an advanced way. Plus, these platforms come with the facility to set the project completion limit. So, you can be assured that your project is going to deliver on time. 

    Go for consulting if you need them on a regular basis

Though online freelancer hiring is easy and affordable, you may not get the same kind of quality with every different freelancer. If you want to maintain the uniformity in the quality of the work done and want one particular AWS consultant each time then it’s better to hire them via consulting company. They can arrange them for you every time. 

    Ask for in-house reference

In-house references are the best and most reliable way of hiring the freelancer AWS consultant. As they would be referred by one of your existing employees, you can be ensured about the expertise, and experience of the hired employee. 

    Be as transparent as you can

In the case of freelancer hiring, transparency is the key to success. You have to clear about the payment terms and project delivery date.  As there would be hardly any in-person communication, try to make as much as virtual communication is possible. Explain your needs and wants in details and kindly inform the professional that you may require some changes in the final project .the more transparent you are in your dealing, the more beneficial it is for you. 

    Always use trusted payment method

Once the job is done, it’s time to pay the expert for the job.  We suggest you use trusted and standard payment methods for this. If you are hiring on a global level then PayPal is the best way to pay for the job. No matter what the functional currency is in the country of your freelancer AWS consultant, this platform will convert it and pay them hassle-free.

Net banking is also another safe way to make payments. Makes sure you also attach the copy of your payment in the email and send it to the hired AWS Consultant. Sometimes, banks take time to transfer the amount. This payment copy is proof that you have done your part and the payments are on their way. 

Whether you are looking for an AWS consultant or an AWS consulting partner, you must follow a strategy to choose the best one. Check how to choose the best AWS consulting partner for your business.

Final Words

AWS is growing by leaps and bound in today’s era. AWS Consultants have become a spine of growing service. They make sure that you are going to make most of the AWS and improve your company’s productivity. You are going to need them at various stages of your IT projects. So, make sure that you’re hiring the right resource at the right pricing and at the right timing.  

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