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How to Become an AWS Cloud Architect?

We all are familiar with the benefits of cloud computing. It has completely changed the way we look at the world of computing. In the present time, three top players are ruling the domain of cloud computing. They are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform with AWS claiming almost 47.1% share in the cloud computing market. With so much market potential, jobs for AWS Cloud Architect have shown a notable rise in demand.

Different companies are joining the bandwagon of AWS’s growth through migration of their deployments. This is where AWS cloud architects could prove beneficial with their expertise and knowledge of AWS concepts and services.

With some considerable experience as an AWS architect, you can become an AWS consultant. Here are the best AWS consultant jobs that can take your cloud career to the new heights.

In this article, we’ll find out exactly what an Amazon Web Services Cloud Architect is and the responsibilities associated with the job. Furthermore, the discussion would proceed towards an illustration of the skills required for becoming an AWS certified solutions architect. These insights could be used effectively as a guide for planning out your path to become an AWS cloud architect.

Who is an AWS Cloud Architect?

First of all, an AWS Cloud Architect can be defined as a professional trained in evaluating the requirements of businesses for designing the architecture of an application to be deployed on AWS. Among the many certifications of AWS, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification is most popular. This certification has been accounted for as one of the most promising ways to get jobs with an average salary exceeding $120,000.

So, if you are involved in designing cloud infrastructures and reference architectures or in the deployment of systems and applications, the AWS Solutions Architect certification is right for you. Enterprise Solutions Architects, Developers and System Engineers are the first in line for this purpose.

Roles and Responsibilities of an AWS Cloud Architect

Now that we have outlined the basic definition of the job of an AWS Cloud Architect, it is essential to focus on the roles and responsibilities that come with this job position. The different aspects of an AWS architect role could be presented as follows.

  • Act as the primary technical associate for business improvement team and assist in the creation of applications and services on AWS for the success with customers.
  • An AWS Architect should understand client engagement based on well-defined objectives and standards for achievement.
  • Cloud architects are also required to have working experience of DevOps tools and implementation of internal Amazon systems
  • Cloud architects should know how to build an AWS consulting practice for the businesses, it will prove them an important asset for the organization they will be working.
  • Commitment to understanding the technical, AWS market and corporate requirements as well as the client base for successful and appropriate delivery of cloud services are also included in the scope of Cloud Architect role.
  • The AWS Certified Solutions Architect would also have to provide training sessions for customers to help them with the use of AWS. Also, they are required to document and share the best practices among other participants in the AWS solutions architecture community.

Skills Required to Become an AWS Certified Cloud Architect

To address the roles and responsibilities mentioned above, an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification is required to learn essential skills. Some of the skills which are mandatorily required for serving in the role of a cloud architect can be presented as follows.

  • Programming skills in C#, Java, and Python are essential for cloud architects. Programming skills help architects in the creation of proof of concept and use the latest technologies to their advantage.
  • Networking is also one of the mandatory cloud architect skills needed to secure prolific career options. Cloud architects have to be familiar with the use of DNS servers, CDN, TCP/IP, VPN and HTTP for designing the cloud network through public and private subnets.
  • An AWS Cloud Architect is also required to have considerable knowledge of data storage options ranging from the simplest to the most complex ones. S3, Relational Database Services, and even the comprehensive Hadoop clusters should be on the skill list of an expert cloud architect.
  • Cloud architect professionals would also have to learn the basics of security for AWS account. The essential cloud architect skills needed for a strong security foundation include the use of Identity and Access Management (IAM) as well as network security through Access Control Lists and Security Groups.
  • An AWS cloud architect should also have the necessary skills for selecting the desired AWS service relevant to the client’s business. The basic services in which cloud architects should be specialized include the Relational Database Service (RDS), Simple Queuing (SQS) and SNS notifications as well as the AWS IoT related services.
  • Most important of all, cloud architects should have a clear understanding of the changes in aspects of scalability, recovery, and availability. A comprehensive awareness of cloud-specific patterns and technologies such as storing state in the appropriate place, use of messages and management of failures effectively is mandatory for Amazon Web Service Cloud Architect professionals.    

An AWS Cloud Architect can earn a significant amount in AWS consulting whether he chooses a full-time job or freelancing one. Check how much can an AWS consulting freelancer earn on an hourly basis?

Educational Qualifications and Estimated Salary

Continuing ahead in the discussion about how to become an AWS certified cloud architect professional, let us take note of the educational qualifications and professional experience needed for the certification. Also, an estimate of the AWS cloud architect salary can be a supportive component in this discussion.

  • An individual applying for AWS certification should have at least a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, MIS or any similar qualification in the relevant field.
  • The applicants should have basic experience in automation for deployment and management infrastructure, networking architectures and database suited for internet-scale applications.
  • Furthermore, the candidates for cloud architect certification should also have around eight years of experience in designing and implementing IT solutions. Most important of all, they should also depict proficiency in Systems Administrations of Windows or Linux.

According to ZipRecruiter Salary Report, the AWS cloud architect salary is expected to be at an average of $154,300 per annum in the United States. This surely paints a promising picture about choosing the career path of an AWS Architect, doesn’t it?

Final Words

On a closing note, it can be stated that the above discussion shed light on the basic definition of a cloud architect professional, roles and responsibilities in the job. We’ve also covered mandatory educational qualifications and skills needed to get a job as an AWS cloud architect.

The trend of cloud computing is here to stay, and it’s the right time to capitalize on it for the most appealing career opportunities as a cloud architect!     

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