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Why AWS Consultant Get Paid More
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Why AWS Consultants Get Paid More?

AWS is the buzzword every business can associate with, in this digital age. The cloud has completely changed the dependency of businesses on physical infrastructure for conducting their business operations. Therefore, every business is attempting migration of their operations and databases to the cloud for achieving scalable business operations in a cost-effective manner.

With this fact in mind, there has been a steady yet promising growth in AWS consultant salary estimates in recent years. Just a fact to start with our discussion – The average AWS consultant salary is estimated at $116,428 per year and can reach a maximum of $187,000! The approach we follow here is simple. Understanding the reasons for the demand for AWS consultant services can help in finding the answer to why AWS consultants get paid more!

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Reasons Why AWS Consultants Get Paid More

What exactly drives the growth in the salary of an AWS consultant? To find the answer to this question, we need to reflect on the different roles in the job of AWS consultants and the reasons for which a business needs an AWS consultant service. So, let’s reflect on the basic reasons in which a higher AWS consultant salary could be a fundamental investment for businesses.

  • Making Businesses Cost-effective

The transformation of a business to align with a cloud-focused strategy requires changes in organizational culture and the company’s approach to IT. AWS consultant jobs associate with general consulting services regarding the total cost of ownership (TCO) for developing applications and infrastructure on AWS. Consultants can also recommend promising cloud adoption roadmaps and guidance for developing a clear impression of goals and expectations.

Consultants would also provide services for analysis of application portfolio and the status of workloads. The higher AWS consultant salary can thus be considered valid due to different benefits. An AWS consultant can help you improve awareness in your organization about the value of cloud. Also, they would help you evaluate and observe different changes before implementing the required ones.

  • Tough Certification Requirements

Another reason for which AWS consultants get paid more is their certificate by the AWS MSP Partner program. Therefore, consultants are highly competent in addressing the needs of customers for full lifecycle solutions. Since there is a third-party audit involved in the certification of consultants, you can be assured of achieving your business objectives.

Consultants have the necessary skills and knowledge about the environment and needs of a business. Therefore, they can provide proactive support in the optimization of AWS workloads. The level of rigor required for obtaining certification from AWS and passing the third-party audit validates the higher AWS consultant salary trends.

  • Dealing with Security and Compliance

AWS certified consultant partners would also be essential for a business to ensure security and compliance for applications and workloads on AWS. This is particularly needed in the case of financial services, healthcare, government, and life sciences industries.

The automation of security and deploying best practices for governance is a mandatory requirement for such industries. An AWS consultant can help you meet the security requirements respective to your industry. The ability of consultants to use their expertise, in-house solutions, managed services, and support helps to provide the best practices for security.

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  • Addressing the Development Urgency

Another reason for the higher AWS consultant salary estimates in present times is identified by the requirements for faster development. Every business needs to cope with the rapid influx of customer requests and frequent changes in customer requirements. Therefore, an organization must have the necessary skills for developing, testing, and deploying new services and features.

AWS consultants are highly fluent in automation and DevOps principles and practices. Therefore, they could be able to help a business in reducing the investment of internal resources for infrastructure management. This seems like a reason for the higher remuneration for the job of an AWS consultant.

  • Ensuring Optimization

Optimization is also one of the core aspects of AWS consultant jobs. AWS consultants are the experts who can build a successful AWS consulting practice for your business. Consultant partners have to monitor performance, usage, and patterns consistently to recognize opportunities for increasing performance and saving costs.

Furthermore, consultants can use different cost management tools for increasing cost-effectiveness. The considerable savings generated by consultants could be a reasonable factor to validate the higher salaries of AWS certified consultant partners.

  • Flexibility for Using Third-party Tools

The services of AWS certified consultants can also help a business make the most of independent software vendor solutions. Consultants can choose solutions from partners with specialization in specific areas. This can take away unnecessary trouble and costs associated with procuring and implementing third-party tools. So, a business does not have to invest any time, energy, or resources for selecting a vendor for different tools with an AWS consultant. This can be easily accounted for as one of the factors for higher AWS consultant salary estimates.

So, it is important to understand the needs of a business from AWS consultants. Companies aim at redefining conventions by migrating to AWS and building applications on it. Consultants can help such companies with their guidance, expertise, and services for effective migration to AWS. Also, they offer effective workload optimization at different stages of the cloud adoption lifecycle.

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AWS Consulting Services a Business Can’t Ignore!

In this article, we can’t skip involving a reflection on the services of AWS consulting partners. This will help in perceiving the importance of their services and thus help in finding why AWS consultants get paid more.

  • AWS Design

AWS design solutions are effective to counter issues that arise during hosting. AWS consulting services can help you in leveraging the solutions on AWS, best practices, and principles. This can be supportive in achieving the appropriate design solutions based on a specific workload.

  • AWS Development

AWS consulting services could also help in the development of applications and solutions in the AWS environment. The effectiveness of AWS certified consulting personnel in different stages of the development process on AWS is mandatory for businesses. Furthermore, the expertise of consultants in troubleshooting and testing in the development process is mandatory for AWS consultant jobs. Therefore, a consultant becomes mandatory for the right guidance in this context.

  • AWS Migration

Businesses need AWS consulting services for migration of their legacy systems to the clouds. The skills of certified consultants in the use of direct and optimized methodologies could be accounted for as a mandatory requirement. Most important of all, proficient consultants can help in reducing any concerns regarding the delay of the migration process. Having a consultant by your side would also help in resolving potential issues that may arise with the learning curve.

  • AWS Management

Finally, a business using AWS services would have to ensure proper AWS management. Specifically, businesses which are new to the AWS platform would have to rely on AWS management services. AWS consultants can be able to address any concerns regarding AWS management proactively.

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Final Words

We have observed the reasons for which a business needs AWS consulting services in the above discussion. We also covered the services provided by an AWS consulting partner. So, what did we conclude? The foremost factor that can validate the higher AWS consultant salary is the training and certification required for the job.

An AWS certified consultant has specialized knowledge in cloud architecture, development, migration, management, security, and networking aspects. In addition to that, a business could be able to gain promising benefits of cost savings, optimal use of resources, and better ROI with AWS consulting services. Therefore, the demand for AWS consulting services clearly shows why AWS consulting professionals get higher salaries.      

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